Sustainable Leather bags
from Ethiopia.


The need to preserve the environment has become very important now more than ever. Like all countries across the world, Ethiopia is experiencing the adverse effects of climate change as a result of poor environmental management.

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This product line is inspired by the need to reduce landfill, creating a more sustainable environment. Instead of making sandals the traditional way through sourcing materials and colors, we decided to use leather cut-offs left over from making bags.

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Our brightly colored collection is inspired by summer colors, particularly the beautiful bright colors of different Ethiopian cultural attire that inspire happiness and hope. We bring you colors like light cognac, burgundy, and light whisky!

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The vision

Our vision is to be a leading leather manufacturing company of Africa, that develops the look of Ethiopian femininity with distinctive designs, creates employment opportunities for women all over the country and contributes to the economic prosperity of Ethiopia.


Social Responsibility

Kabana does not only offer valuable and durable products,
it also creates shared value for the community by hiring migrant workers
and staffing women in leading positions.The company paysfair wages and employs
mainly women, to empower and encourage them living a life in self-determination.

Environmental Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the planet.
Therefore, we developed effective ways to recycle and upcycle
the waste of our production and to save resources like water and electricity.

Our community

Kabana is proud to be a member of the Ethiopian Fashion Community, an association of several fashion brands, located in the beautiful country of Ethiopia.
Initiated by young Ethiopian entrepreneurs and supported by some international brand specialists, they created a network of small and medium-sized textile-businesses, with complementary product categories, to generate employment.

All involved companies share the same aspects and principles: They are crafting distinctive designed fashion out of contemporary textiles, sourced in Ethiopia, and pay special attention to their social and environmental responsibility.

With a long term vision, the project will enable ​
the brands to soon be independent of support ​
and successfully expand their business into the ​world.

More and new companies might join the ​
Ethiopian Fashion Community and will learn from each other.​​
This should lead to a successful, independent, ​
organically growing group of businesses in Ethiopia, ​
that improve the living-conditions of many families.

Other brands of the Ethiopian Fashion Community are Shimena and ENZI footwear.

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