Recycling the Kabana Style – How Kabana Unites Fashion and Sustainability

Recycling the Kabana Style – How Kabana Unites Fashion and Sustainability

Fashion Conscious and Environmentally Aware

The world today is experiencing numerous adverse effects because of poor waste management and the growth of the leather industry has further contributed to this problem. According to the International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, leather industries produce 4 Million tons of solid waste globally every year. 

Kabana Leather has a commitment to improve environmental sustainability and in keeping with this, we have designed beautiful trendy sandals from recycled leather. We have launched a sandals line solely from recycled leather materials and dare we say, they will look great on your feet!

This product line is inspired by the need to reduce landfill, creating a more sustainable environment. Instead of making sandals the traditional way through sourcing materials and colors, we decided to use leather cut-offs left over from making bags. 

From a design point of view, we wanted to create classic, timeless designs and at the same time incorporate detail from the Kabana range. The rich Ethiopian history and culture is another part of this collection; reflected through artisanal woven textile made in Ethiopia. This gives a little nod to Ethiopian culture and craftsmanship. 

The result is summer ready sustainably produced sandals made from premium material. So if you are wondering how you can contribute to environmental sustainability, get yourself a pair of these beautiful sandals.


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