Ethiopian Colors for the Summer - The New Collection

Ethiopian Colors for the Summer - The New Collection

Classic, with decent elements of traditional Ethiopian fashion. The summer collection from Kabana.

Inspired by Ethiopian Colors

We would all agree that nothing lifts the mood like a beautiful, colorful accessory.

This past year has been tough for all of us and what better way to lift your mood this summer than with our latest collection!

Our brightly colored collection is inspired by summer colors, particularly the beautiful bright colors of different Ethiopian cultural attire that inspire happiness and hope. We bring you colors like light cognac, burgundy, and light whisky!

The patterns in this collection are inspired by different African markings and symbols like face markings. For us to be able to easily transfer the collection idea to live canvas material, we used simple light materials along with recycled horn accessories.

If you like to see our environment protected by recycling leather – then we have you covered, check out our “Serie Patches”- which has high quality recycled leather utilized to make unique bags.

The idea for this arose when our team wondered what would happen to all the leather leftovers that were created to produce one of our handcrafted leather bags. A new, meaningful collection was launched. We are proud to present you this new collection of recycled leather.

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